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House Cleaning Services Chicago Including Move In Cleaning & Move Out Cleaning

Using Essential Oil

At Empire Cleaning Services we provide outstanding professional house cleaning services in Chicago with a difference. Our team of cleaners uses the most up to date cleaning tools to make sure we leave your home as clean as possible. But we also give your home that fresh clean scent with the use of essential oils from Young Living.
With deferent scents to choose from, like Thieves for a botanical aromatic experience, or other citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit and more, we will infuse your entire home with a clean and fresh familiar aroma. These essential oils are naturally extracted and are completely safe for the environment and everyone in your home, including pets. With a variety of scents to choose from, your home will not only be clean, but it will also smell how you want it to.
Thanks to the professionals at Empire Cleaning Services in Chicago and to the essential oil Young Living provides, your home will look and smell great.

Learn More About Young Living Essential Oils

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Empire House Cleaning Services is the Most Reliable Move In & Move Out Cleaning Service Chicago Offers

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Empire House Cleaning Services in Chicago is here for your move out or move in cleaning. If you’re moving and you’re ready to make sure your old place looks presentable for the next occupant, Empire can help. Do you need your new home cleaned before you move in? We can get that new place ready for you.

At Empire House Cleaning Services we specialize in move in and move out cleaning so you don’t have to. You have moving and unpacking to deal with and by the time you even think of cleaning, it’s time to make sure everything is in the right place.

For reliable, thorough, and fast house cleaning services in Chicago, call Empire House Cleaning Services. We’ll be there for your move in cleaning, your move out cleaning, and everything in between.

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Friendly Customer Service

At Empire Cleaning Services, you can expect a warm welcome and a smile to go along with our house cleaning services in Chicago.

Years of Experience

Experience goes a long way for house cleaning services. We know what to expect and we know how to deliver what you’re looking for.

Quality Cleaning Products

Whether you want move-in cleaning services in Chicago or move-out cleaning, our team uses only the finest cleaning products and tools for your home.

Affordable Price

Our house cleaning services in Chicago can fit right into your budget with different scheduling options to choose from and a low price you can afford.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The house cleaning offered by Empire Cleaning Services is top-quality. We are so confident in our ability to make you happy, we guarantee it.


Whether you like cleaning or not, when you’re moving you have other worries that are stressful and need immediate attention. All sorts of issues can arise to interfere with moving schedules, taking more of your time and attention from packing and cleaning. That’s why move out cleaning services are so helpful. Move out cleaning is common when the space empties completely and that can take a full day. It can be very inconvenient and time-consuming to hold your cleaning supplies back and handle the cleaning yourself. Empire House Cleaning Services in Chicago allows you to pack everything while we handle all the cleaning work. If you’re moving out of an apartment or rented home, you likely have a security deposit you want to have returned to you, but you may receive less if you left without a good cleaning. At Empire House Cleaning Services, our professional cleaners specialize in move out cleaning so you can get your full deposit back.

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When You Need a Move In Cleaning Or Move Out Cleaning Services In Chicago, Trust in Empire!

Moving is a lot of work to deal with all on its own. Then, you also have to make sure the home you’re leaving is clean so you can get your security deposit back, and you want to move into a home that’s ready for you too. This is where Empire Cleaning Services takes over. Our efficient and effective move in cleaning and move out cleaning services in Chicago can take care of one burden from your extensive moving list. Moving can be messy, so our move-in cleaning in Chicago can make sure your new home is all set for you to nestle into. Plus, our move out cleaning services in Chicago will keep your previous place looking good for the next resident. On moving day, time is critical, so let Empire Cleaning Services take care of the one thing that will take the most time! Our move in and move out cleaning services in Chicago are handled by a team that is trained and fully equipped so you don’t have to worry. Not sure yet? Check out some of our amazing customer reviews. At Empire Cleaning Services, whether you need move out cleaning services or move in cleaning in Chicago, we provide a trusting service that pays attention to every detail.

Empire House Cleaning Services Chicago – Move In Cleaning Services Chicago & Move Out Cleaning Services Chicago

Testimonials About Empire House Cleaning Services Chicago & Move In Cleaning Services & Move Out Cleaning Services Chicago

Grace Hall

Before I totally left my old house, I got this move out cleaning service in Chicago. They helped me get the place looking good, fulfilling my obligation to my home buyer. They were friendly and easy to work with.

Katie Davis

This move in cleaning service was fantastic. They gave my new home a thorough cleaning from the kitchen to the bathrooms. They did a much better job than I would have done myself and they really gave me the time to focus on the move.

Dan Davis

We couldn`t leave our old home looking the way it did. The move out cleaning this company gave us was excellent. They were fast, efficient, and very affordable. I would not look elsewhere for a move out cleaning service in Chicago.

John Jones

I get this house cleaning service in Chicago on a regular basis. They do a wonderful job and they adapted quickly to the way I like things done. I love that they show up when expected and they are very thorough.

Move in & move out cleaning services Chicago FAQ

Do cleaners bring all necessary cleaning supplies to get the job done?
Our house cleaning services in Chicago always bring all the required products to give your home a great clean. Empire Cleaning Services always have our vacuum, mop, bucket, or step stool ready to ensure that we provide the best cleaning services to our customers.
When should I order Move Out cleaning service?
Our move out cleaning service in Chicago understands the hassle of getting your place cleaned up when you’re about to move out. You can schedule your cleaning service when it’s time for you to move out so that it will be ready for the new occupants or to make sure that you get your security deposit back. It’s also crucial to clean the house if you’re putting it on the market, as it needs to be spotless for photos and open houses.
What are your Move In cleanings?
Our company understands the chaos of moving, so let us help you by taking the stress away by providing you with our move-in cleaning service in Chicago. Empire Cleaning Services can take care of preparing your home for when you move in. Our expert cleaning services will clean your new house thoroughly before you move in and ensure everything is in excellent condition for you and your family members.